Knowledge about Maternal under Nutrition on Obstetric Outcomes in Young Pregnant Women in Sialkot-Pakistan


  • Author- Salbia Abbas,1 Saira Abbas,2 Razia Anjum,1 Sehar Raza,1 Arifa Shabbir1


Fundamentally, Malnutrition is a deficiency of essential nutrients in our body. It influences human body adversely such as, it causes fetus mortality, female fatigue and miscarriages. To address the community issue of malnutrition, current research aims to find a relationship between awareness of malnutrition and its impact on pregnant females in Sialkot.


Present research is a qualitative research and it is based on random sampling technique. Sample was collected from 282 pregnant females of Sialkot.


 Results revealed a positive relationship between malnutrition awareness and obstratic outcomes.


 From the results of the present study it is concluded that females who were educated and aware about the effects of malnutrition were healthier than those females who were ignorant of adverse effects of malnutrition and faced a lot of health issues. Hence, Knowledge about malnutrition is very much important for all pregnancy bearing females because a healthy Mother has a healthy child.


Malnutrition, mother, pregnancy, food, deficiencies.