Comparison of Mesh Inguinal Hernioplasty Under Local versus Spinal Anesthesia


  • Author- Muhammad Farooq Sandhu, Muhammad Irfan Fazal, Muhammad Hassan, Muhammad Jawad,4 Zara Arooj, Warda Munir


Postoperative pain and costs are regarded as equally important issues as technique and recurrence rates in inguinal hernia repair. Postoperative pain may vary according to the method by which an anesthesia is applied. To compare mesh inguinal hernioplasty under local versus spinal anesthesia with reference to postoperative pain and hospital stay of patient.


A randomized control trial study was conducted at North Surgical Unit, Mayo Hospital Lahore Pakistan. Duration of the study was six months in which a total of 82 patients (41ineachgroup)were observed by using 79% proportion of pain in local7 and 99% proportion of pain in spinal 7.95% confidence level and 90% power of test under WHO software for sample size determination. Furthermore non probability purposive sampling technique was used for sample collection.


 The mean age in Group A (local anaesthesia) was 30 years with SD +6.47 and in Group B (spinal anaesthesia) was 31 years with SD + 6.98 in this study. All the patients in both the groups were males. Post operatively the pain score values as well as duration of hospital stay of patients were found to be lower in Local anesthesia group as compared to Spinal Anesthesia group.


 Local anesthesia not only reduces post-operative pain but also facilitates patient's mobilization and discharge along with decreasing the early complications that occur post operatively. Thus, Local Anesthesia is comparatively secure and advantageous method to be applied in inguinal hernia repair for day care surgery.


local vs. spinal anaesthesia, mesh inguinal hernioplasty, pain, hospital stay