Frequency of ENT Diseases Reported to Teaching Hospital Bannu-KPK


  • Author- Mohammad Iqbal, Sahibzada Fawad Khan, Sohail Khan, Wasim Ahmad


The present study helped in evaluating the incidence of ENT diseases in patients reported to ENT OPD of Khalifa Gul Nawaz (KGN) teaching hospital, Bannu-KP.


It was an observational cross-sectional study that was conducted at ENT departments of KGN teaching hospital Bannu-KP from June 2020 to November 2021. The data collection was done by “Non-probability Convenient Sampling” from 400 patients reported to ENT OPD during the study duration. A pre-designed questionnaire was used for collecting the patient's medical history and their particulars. All the data was labelled as “confidential and secured”. Statistical analysis was done using software SPSS version 21.


 The study was based equally for male and female. Out of total study population, 56% (n=224) were male while rest of the 44% (n=176) were female. 60% (n=240) of patients were matriculate and higher secondary level, 30% (n=120) were graduates while only 10% (n=40) were holding Masters and MS degrees. 53% (n=212) were belonging to socio-economically poor families while the rest of 47% (n=188) were from mediocre families. The prevalence of Ear infections was reported to be 15% (n=60), of Nose infection was 31% (n=124) and of throat infections was 54% (n=216). The most common ear problems were acute bilateral ear infection, Otitis media and CSOM. Nose problems included DNS, allergic rhinitis, Epistaxis and Sinusitis whereas throat problems included acute and chronic tonsillitis and chronic pharyngitis.


 Among all study population, the most common infections were of throat origin followed by nose and ear infections. The severity of these infections was from acute to chronic having less than a year. The prevalence of the disease was found to be existed in lower income group. The possible reasons were found to be unhygienic conditions, un-health diet and involvement of parasites. It is needed to advocate the community about the ENT problems and their solution.


CSOM, Otitis media, Sinusitis, Allergic rhinitis, DNS