Increase Serum Vitamin D Level In Primary Hyperparathyroidism


  • Author- Safia Akhlaq, Sajjad Ali Khan, Sara Sajid


86 years old female a known case of hypertension and osteoporosis, presented in an emergency department with complains of generalized weakness for one month with relative constipation for one week and drowsiness for one day. Arterial blood gas analysis showed hypercapnic respiratory failure and chest radiograph showed bilateral infiltrates. Serum blood test analysis showed increase calcium level which was 14 mg/dl. After further workup, Vitamin D level found to be 130 ng/ml, and Parathyroid level were raised 173 pg/ml and phosphorous level 0.9 mg/dl. She was managed on lines of pneumonia and hypercalcemia secondary to primary hyperthyroidism with unusual finding of raised vitamin D level.