COVID-19 Infection: An Overview of Pathophysiology, Management, and Complications


  • Author- Muhammad M Javaid, Usman Mahmood, Asif Hussain, Sheema Itrat, Jawaria Avais


COVID-19 has been the most common infection worldwide for the last two years, with many clinical manifestations, complications, comorbidities, and high mortality. Cardiac and pulmonary complications contribute the most towards morbidity mortality and pose great difficulty in the management. In addition, the disease has badly damaged the global economy and lifestyle. Recently, there have been many updates in the preventative and pharmacological options available for COVID-19 disease, including vaccines and biological drugs. This review article focuses on the pros and cons of the main aspects of the disease, its complications, and management, options currently used to manage. This article is a general review, and the management guidelines are different in different parts of the World. Hence, the reader should consult local health guidelines to manage their patients.


COVID-19, Coronavirus, COVID-Vaccines, COVID-complications, COVID-management