Primary Hyperaldosteronism in a 38 Year Old Woman from Pakistan: A Case Report on Conn's Syndrome


  • Author- Sajjad Ali Khan, Zafar Aleem Suchal, Muhammad Saleem, Kaleemullah Badini, Aisha Shaikh


Conn's syndrome refers to excess production of aldosterone by adrenal glands leading to an increase in blood pressure of the patient. There are often various other associated signs and symptoms due to which a patient may present often due to fluid overload and/or electrolyte abnormality. A 38 year old married female presented to the clinical with a raised blood pressure of 150-170 mmHg systolic and 100-120 mmHg diastolic. She also had a history of raised blood pressure during pregnancy with the first pregnancy being aborted and the second and third having markedly raised blood pressures. There was no associated history of palpitations, headache or anxiety. Her workup was done with a high aldosterone concentration and a low serum renin being detected. Her electrolytes were found to be normal and on ultrasound her kidneys were also normal. The patient was started verapamil to lower her blood pressure and a diagnoses of primary hyperaldosteronism was reached as the Plasma aldosterone to Renin ratio was raised with absence of any other cause.


Hyperaldosteronism, Pakistan