Medico-Legal Review of Burns a Retrospective Study in Forensic Department of KEMU Lahore


  • Author- Mahnoor Naeem, Minahil Shah


Objective: To analyze the demography, etiology and clinical features of burns reported at Mayo hospital; Lahore in 2019.


The data of this retrospective study were collected from the records of medicolegal clinic from January 2019 to December 2019, after approval from the institutional review board, and analyzed using SPSS v23. The difference of proportions between variables, was calculated by Pearson Chi-square test and Fischer Exact test at 95% confidence interval.


 present results showed that males (60%) were more affected. Most of the victims were toddlers and children (50%), followed by young adults (23%) and then elders (17%). Scald burns were the most commonly acquired type (57%), then dry burns (37%), and lastly electrocuted burns (6%). 70% of the cases had 10%-50% body surface area involved, 23% had less than 10% of the body surface consumed. 2nd degree burns were most prevalent (75.5%). 91% of the victims were conscious and vitally stable, and were presented to the hospital within 1 hour of the injury.


 In view of the conducted research, it's evident that wet burn is the most prevalent type of burn, especially in children due to their mischievous behavior. Most of the cases are accidental.


Burn, Medicolegal, Injury, Distribution