Infection and Reinfection with Salmonella Typhi- A Case from Hyderabad Outbreak Due to Hesitancy of Vaccination


  • Author- Tazeen Fatima, Imran Haq, Ghazala Shaheen


We report a case of Salmonella typhi reinfection from Hyderabad, the current outbreak area in Pakistan. A 3-year-old boy resident of Hyderabad, Sindh presented with enteric fever with XDR Salmonella typhi resistant to ceftriaxone and treated with azithromycin for total 2 weeks. After 18 days of defervescence, patient again developed fever and a repeat blood culture grew MDR Salmonella typhi sensitive to ceftriaxone. This case emphasizes the importance of availability and provision of clean water, awareness regarding intake of boiled water and hygienic food, and stress on educating and creating public awareness regarding vaccination against Salmonella typhi to avoid infection and reinfection.


Salmonella typhi, extensively drug-resistant, multi drug resistant, vaccination