Basic Foundation of the Research: How to Conduct Research in Medical Sciences


  • Author- Mulazim Hussain Bukhari


The research in medical sciences is conducted to finds out health statistics, like prevalence, magnitude, seriousness, mortality and morbidity which basis for national and local planning for the authorities who are looking after the health system. It supports evidence-based practice and is the heart of medicine on which is based new drug trials, inventions, diagnostic tools, and drugs to evaluate their effectiveness to meet the requirements for bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and postgraduate degrees. This review article will introduce the basic principals and the foundation of the research in medical sciences. It begins with the research question, review of literature, aims, objectives, goals, rationales, hypothesis, statistical methods and ethics. All research depends on measurement. The article will also discuss the basic elements of good measurement, which include operational definition, measurement scales, reliability, and validity. Finally, the chapter reviews populations, sampling populations, and samples.


Applied research, Basic research, Clinical research, Literature review, Research question, Rationale, Research ethics Topic