Compare the Mean Blood Loss during a Term Caesarean Delivery in Primigravidas using Sublingual Misoprostol with an Intravenous Oxytocin Infusion


  • Author- Maria Maqsood, Shumaila Maqsood, Kiran Nasir, Hina Zafar, Furqan Saeed, Iqra Waheed


Objective: The objective was to compare the mean1blood loss using sublingual misoprostol and intravenous oxytocin infusion in primigravidas undergoing caesarean section at term.


This Randomized Controlled Trial was done on 200 pregnant females who were later on randomly divided into two equal groups. The caesarean sections were performed via the transperitoneal approach. Within 2 hours, blood loss was noted. Data was entered & analyzed on SPSS V 21


 The mean1age was 26.29±5.32 years. The mean blood loss was 169.47±35.80ml. The significant difference between the groups with mean blood loss of the1patients i.e. p-value = 0.000.


 The use of sublingual misoprostol for management of blood loss is more effective than oxytocin in primigravida undergoing caesarean delivery


Postpartum hemorrhage, Blood Loss, Misoprostol, Oxytocin, Caesarean Delivery