The Relationship between the Women Empowerment and Use of Contraceptive Methods among Married Women of Reproductive Age(15-35+) in Punjab, Pakistan: A Cross Sectional Study


  • Author- Rukhsana Kausar, Madeeha Ashfaq, Yasir Rahim, Faisal Mehmood, Rizwan Ali


Objective: To determine the association of women empowerment with the use of contraceptive methods among married women of reproductive age (15-35+) in Punjab, Pakistan.


: : The nature of the research study was cross-sectional and a quantitative approach was employed. The time of study was from December 2022 to March 2023. The target population was married women of reproductive age 15-35+ years in Punjab. Within Punjab, ten districts were selected. The sampling frame of this survey was updated through available frame by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad. The sample size of the study was 8640 households. The sample of households was drawn by employing two-stage cluster sampling. Probability proportionate to size was used to select the blocks from each stratum. The research selected the 20 households (SSUs) from one block (PSUs) based on actual listing using systematic sampling technique with random start. The descriptive, chi-square and binary logistic regression was applied.


 : By analyzing the data,it was found that women empowerment was largely associated with women's contraception use. The women who had participation in household decision-making had greater use of contraception (54.2%) as compared to women with any ownership of assets(53.8%) and women with control over their income (52.7%). Odd ratiosfrom binary regression also revealed the same pattern that women's higher level of participation in household decision-making encourage them to use of contraception at greaterlevel(O.R= 1.369) as compared to the women with any ownership of assets (O.R= 1.304) and women with control over their income (1.240%)


 : :The results ofthe study yield that women empowerment pave the waysfor women to improve theirreproductive health and also make independent taking the decisions related to their bodies. Without empowering women, the higher use of contraceptivemethodsis a distant dream.Therefore,itis a high time to take contingentmeasuresto empowerthe women in every field of life.


: Women Empowerment, Contraceptive Use, Reproductive Health.