Frequency of Transaminitis in Patient with Dengue Fever in FirstFive Days of Illness: A Hospital Based Survey


  • Author- Javeria Benyamin, Sidra Anwar, Kamran Rauf


Objective: To determine the frequency of transaminitis in patients with documented dengue fever in first five days of illness and their association with the disease severity.


: A retrospective cross-sectional observational study including 382 patients with confirmed dengue serology admitted in Department of Medicine of Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore during July 2022-July 2023. Patient demographics, presenting symptoms, clinical signs, laboratory parameters such as complete blood count (CBC) and liver function tests (LFTs) were collected and frequency of transaminitis was determined in patients correlating with disease severity in the first five days of illness. Comparisons were drawn between age groups and gender. P-value <0.05 and CI 95% were considered during analysis.


 : Out of 382 patients, only 275 had reported transaminitis which is approximately 72% of total population. Significant association was found between transaminitis and severity of disease.


 : Overall frequency of transaminitis in otherwise healthy patients (not having liver disease history) was statistically significant and accounted for almost two thirds of the dengue patients whereas one third of the patients did not have transaminitis. Statistical relationship between transaminitis and severity of disease was also noted.


Transaminitis, Dengue fever.