Pandemic 2020 Covid-19 Takes a Toll on Mental Health Causing Anxiety and Depression in People From the General Population


  • Author- Syeda Kisa Fatima Zaidi, Adeel Alam, Aisha Aziz, Usman Amin, Asma Kazi


To determine the prevalence of anxiety and depression in general population due to the spread of covid-19 pandemic. The study was conducted to find differences in the level of mental distress demographically as well as finding the prevalence among the health care providers and those with chronic medical illnesses.


This descriptive cross-sectional was carried out via an online survey created through google forms which was circulated through social media apps & websites because of better access to people between 1st – 9th of April 2020. Demographic information and individual responses were obtained through 25 statements each describing an emotion incorporating “Hopkins Scale for anxiety & depression” (with URDU translation). Confidentiality was assured so each question could be answered freely. Chi square statistic test and Z score were applied by taking p <0.05.


  Among total of 1336 responses, 80.5% of the data was from people living in Pakistan & the rest from all around the globe. Anxiety was found in 71.4% respondents where 71.4% were females and 28.6% were males. Depression was found in 79.9% in which 30.1% were males and 69.9% were females (p value+J25


  Anxiety & depression were more prevalent among the younger age group, females, unemployed and unmarried populations. People with respiratory illnesses suffered greater degree of mental distress due to covid pandemic as compared to those who did not have any respiratory issue. More than half of the health care providers suffered considerably from anxiety and depression hearing about the spread of covid-19 outbreak.


Anxiety, Depression, Covid-19 Pandemic, Hopkins Scale for Anxiety and Depression, Health care providers