Immunoreactivity of Thyroid Trabscription Factor-1 for Diagnosis of Primary Breast Carcinoma


  • Author- Amber Hassan, Imrana Tanvir, Riffat Mehboob, Syed Amir Gillani, Fridoon Jawad Ahmad, Muhammad Akram Tariq, Gibran Ali, Shehla J Akram And Javed Akram



The cross-sectional study was conducted at University of Lahore, Lahore. A total of 110 cases of primary breast carcinomas were included.TTF-1 immunohistochemistry was performed. However, the frequency with which TTF-1 expression is observed in breast carcinomas is unknown. To address this, we carried out Immunohistochemical staining for TTF-1 on primary breast carcinomas submitted for routine estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and HER2 testing.


  A total of 110 cases were selected for this study according to our inclusion criteria. There were 105 female patients (95.45%) and 5 male patients (4.55%). A total of 6 (5.45%) cases were positive for TTF-1 as compared to 104 (94.5%) negative cases. The data was stratified according to age and gender. Chi-square test was applied with significant results kept at p=0.05. There was no significant association between TTF-1 expression in males and females and different age groups (P=0.143 for gender and p=0.223 for age groups).


  Expression varied from focal and weak to diffuse and strong and was seen in both invasive and in situ components. We conclude that a small proportion of breast carcinomas show TTF-1 expression. Therefore, the presence of TTF-1 immunoreactivity in a carcinoma cannot by itself be used to exclude the possibility of a breast origin.


Thyroid transcription factor, Immunohistochemical stain, Breast carcinomas.