Editor-in-Chief’s Message

Prof. Javed Akram

President – PSIM
Editor in Chief – JPSIM

It is my proud privilege to write a message for Journal of Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine (JPSIM) in the humble capacity of founding president of Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine (PSIM), a society established with the aim to promote quality medical practice and to develop standards of quality patient care through research and continuing medical education activities. With the mission to promote specific areas of internal medicine, JPSIM is dedicated to showcase the latest research in the field. Although internal medicine has always been the integral component of diagnostic and therapeutic practice in the past decades, innovative technologies have propelled advances in recent years.

As the title suggests, the journal will publish original research and review articles on the evidence and opinion behind emerging and existing diseases, diagnostics and cutting edge therapeutics. A further aim will be to define the usage of these in terms of ultimate evidence based interventions and acceptance by the patients and healthcare professionals to addresses these vital issues in today’s medical world.

In a country like Pakistan, even after 73 years of existence and having around 114 medical colleges and universities, we are still struggling for qualitative research while most of the research is mainly centered around synopses, theses and career progression. Even if a good quality research is undertaken, still the same does not culminate into high quality research writings. There is an acute need for enhancing the existing medical publications in Pakistan while initiating the new high quality medical journals to attain impact factor. JPSIM is rightly poised to address these issues.

JPSIM shall maintain the highest level of ethical integrity, ensuring consistency and scientific rigor in each of its research articles and it shall continue to excel and insightfully build for the future to provide the greatest venue for sharing outstanding science. With the emergence of new technologies, the scholarly publishing is modernizing as well. Across disciplines, new demands and expectations from both authors and readers have encouraged shifting perspectives among editors and publishers. In view, JPSIM shall remain flexible in attending to the rapidly shifting scientific communication landscape, while also maintaining and intensifying the high standards of academic excellence. By steadily introducing initiatives to the editorial and review processes, I believe this Journal will further nourish as a flagship for communicating evidence based research, all while successfully meeting the evolving needs of its audience.

I would like to congratulate everyone especially the team under able leadership of Professor Aziz ur Rehman, Editor, JPSIM on this success in unveiling a historical medical journal to the world of medicine.