Efficacy and Safety of Direct-Acting Antiviral Drugs in Hepatitis C Virus Infection Genotype-3 in South Punjab Pakistan


  • Author- Qazi Masroor Ali, Ali Imran, Sadaf Shafique, Hafiz Muhammad Kaleem Ullah, Sajjad Sohail, Sohail Tariq, Maria Masroor, Ghulam Muhy-ud-Din Chaudhary


Objective: To find out the safety and efficacy of direct anti-viral agents for the treatment of cHCV genotype-3 infection.


This retrospective study included record 1536 cHCV patient who were treated at medical outpatient department (MOPD) of Medical Unit-1 of Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur from April 2018 to April 2020. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was done 3 months after completion of treatment to note sustained virologic response (SVR). Patients were compared for various demographical characteristics, laboratory findings, comorbidities, types of direct anti-viral agents (DAAs) and treatment related adverse-effects.


 In a total of 1536 patients, 725 (47.2%) were male and 811 (52.8%) female. Overall, mean age was noted to be 43.2+12.8 years. Overall, SVR was noted in 1447 (94.2%) patients while there was no statistically significant difference between SVR of different DAAs (p=0.0656). Significantly linked factors with No-SVR were found to be older age (46.2+12.3 vs. 43.8+10.4 years, p=0.0368), higher BMI (27.7+3.1 vs. 26.8+2.3, p=0.001), cirrhosis (49.4% vs. 8.4%, p<0.001) and non-responders/relapsers (23.6% vs. 11.5%, p=0.001). Generalized weakness was noted to be the most frequently reported on-treatment side-effect in 471 (30.7%) while body aches & pain and fever were the other most frequently reported side-effects in 230 (14.5%) and 145 (9.4%).


 Overall sustained virologic response with various kinds of direct-acting antiviral agents for chronic hepatitis C virus infection genotype-3 was noted to be good and comparable with real world data from different parts of the world. Increasing age, higher BMI, cirrhosis and non-responders/relapsers were found to have significant association with non-achievement of SVR. Adverse-effects related to different direct anti-viral agents were few and mild in nature.


Direct acting anti-viral agents, genotype-3, hepatitis C, sustained virologic response