Impact of Covid-19 on Training of House Officers and Post-Graduate Residents During 3rd & 4th Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic in a Tertiary Care Hospital


  • Author- Ali Asad Khan, Anam Ali, Sohail Bashir Sulehria, Muhammad Kamran Yousaf, Sadiq Qayyum, Sajid AbaidUllah


Objective: To study the impact of covid-19 on training of house officers and post-graduate residents during 3rd & 4th wave of covid-19 pandemic in a tertiary care hospital


A cross-sectional study was conducted with a sample of 82 participants. Participants included post-graduate residents and house officers working in tertiary care hospitals during the 3rd and 4th wave of Covid-19 pandemic. The participants were interviewed through a preset questionnaire and the responses were recorded for all the categories. The data was analysed using SPSS version 22


 Out of 82 participants, 34.1% of the house officers (n = 50) and post-graduate residents (n = 32) reported one face to face class per week with lack of online classes by 76.8% of the doctors. Majority of the doctors (63.4%) recorded loss of regular face to face training and (67.1%) decrease in teaching sessions in addition to a predominant shift (79.3%) towards self-directed learning than supervised. Majority of the doctors in this study reported disruption to rotas (73.2%), increased number of on-call duties (62.2%) and increasingly busy shifts (63.4%)


 The training programs have been impacted by the on-going Covid-19 pandemic due to a lack of traditional training and teaching methods in effect. This however, has been replaced by virtual training modules using social media platforms bringing more emphasis on self-learning. There is a need of integration of traditional and virtual learning methods to combat the forced circumstances during Covid-19 pandemic


COVID-19 pandemic, Post-graduate residents, House officers, Residency training