Factors Affecting Children Immunization in Lahore


  • Author- Tahseen Fatima, Iqra Waheed, Ahmed Faisal Siddiqui, Tayyeba Komal,


To assess the association of immunization coverage with age of children <5 year, female gender of children of city Lahore, low Education level of mother & Father, far healthcare center, poor knowledge about child vaccination


This Cross sectional study was used to collect information from candidates (parents). Parents interviewed regarding immunization status of their children of <3 years of age. Spatial sampling technique was used to collect data. As population of Lahore city was subdivide in 4 zones by applying convenient sampling. A sample of 100 is selected in each zone through stratified random sampling with equal allocation. Only those children are interviewed of < 3yeas of age are present. Parents asked about different EPI vaccination methods and complete history and confirmed through vaccination card status. Factors noted including education of mother, education of father, socioeconomic status, residential area etc. Presented also frequency and percentage. Cluster analysis was applied to find the factors affecting of incomplete immunization coverage in children's of Lahore. The result are analyzed by using SPSS version 21.


 207 (51.8%) children lie under 6 months, 81 (20.3% children lie between 7-12 months and 112 (28%) children fall greater than 12 months of age. 219 (54.8%) are male and 181 (45.3%) are female. About 288 (72%) children have fully immunized, 90 (22.5%) have partially complete and 22 (5.5%) have not vaccinated children.360 (90%) parents have availability of EPI card and 40 (10%) does not have EPI card, 310 (77.5%) parents have knowledge about vaccination and 90 (22.5%) parents does not have knowledge about vaccination. Two clusters were formed firstly including zones areas.


 Data was fall in Fair zone. Therefore, we could say that data is good and all the values tell us so much detail about vaccination process.


Vaccination,Immunization, EPI, Expanded program of immunization, Children under five