Impacts of Menopause on Psychological Wellbeing of Women in Sialkot-Pakistan


  • Author- Laiba Idrees, Salbia Abbas, Saira Abbas, Saba Rani, Asifa Batool


To assess the impacts of menopause on psychological wellbeing of women in Sialkot-Pakistan.


This cross sectional correlational study design study was conducted at different areas like mohallas and streets of Sialkot (rural and urban areas), from March to June 2021. Self-report questionnaire was designed which contained Consent form, Demographic Information, Greene Climacteric Scale and Ryff Psychological Well-being Scale. Women with Age range of 40 to 60, with natural menopause only, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, religions and educational backgrounds were included. Data was entered and analyzed through SPSS version 20. Cronbach's reliability for scales and subscales was calculated.


 Cronbach's a value of Greene Climacteric scale was .987 and Cronbach's a value of Ryff Psychological wellbeing Scale was .955. All the scales and its subscales were highly reliable for our population. There was strong negative correlation between menopausal symptoms and psychological wellbeing (r=-.69). Relation between the years of menopause and severity of menopausal symptoms was also negative (r=-0.49). Research findings indicates moderate negative relationship of menopausal symptoms and educational level (r=-.31).


 Menopause negatively affects the psychological well-being of menopause.


Menopause, Menopausal Symptoms, Psychological well-being, Menopausal Women.