The Analysis of Relationship Between Religiosity, Resilience and Burnout among Nurses Working in Emergencies of Hospitals in Sialkot


  • Author- Saira Abbas, Salbia Abbas, Amina Razzaq, Areej Tanveer, Sana Imnan


Objective: We all are living in a society which is based on different religions, religious groups and organizations. In our society the paramedical staff experiences the highest level of burnout. It is very difficult to see people struggling for life. Aim of the current research study is to explore the relationship between religiosity, resilience and burnout among nurses working in emergencies of hospitals


Quantitative research design is used in the current study based on the random sampling technique. The sample was collected from 338 nurses from Govt. Allama Iqbal memorial Teaching Hospital Sialkot, Govt. Sardar Begum Memorial Hospital Sialkot and Basic Health Unit Bharath Near Cant Sialkot.


 Results of the current research examined a positive correlation between resilience and burnout while a negative significant relationship between religiosity and burnout.


 To sum, it is concluded that Hospitals are places where many individuals lose their battle for life on regular basis. People, particularly nurses, recover from their stressful daily routines when working in hospital crises due to their resilient nature for humanity confront a comeback after adversity because they believe they may find satisfaction by helping others.


Burnout, Resilience, Religiosity, Nurses.