Psychological Stressors and Suicidal Ideation among Transgender in Lahore, Pakistan


  • Author- Rameen Faiz, Muhammad Talha Farooq, Muhammad Umair, Rabia Ramzan, Rida Fatima Sajid, Qais Ul Malook


Objective: Transgenders, in Pakistan, face verbal victimization, physical discrimination and sexual abuse at the hands of society, which endanger both their physical and mental health significantly. The aim of the study was to measure the frequency of psychological stressors and suicidal ideation among adult trans-gender individuals in Lahore, Pakistan.


A cross-sectional study using snow-ball sampling technique was conducted, from January 2019 to September 2019. 113 transgenders (sample size calculated using confidence interval of 95% and absolute precision of 9%) were interviewed at the Fountain House of Lahore, Pakistan. A questionnaire based on Kessler scale of psychological distress served the purpose of data collection tool. The questionnaires were translated into two languages, Urdu and English, for the ease of the participants. Data obtained was analyzed using SPSS-26, with a significance level set at p<0.05.


 High levels of psychological distress (47.7%) were prevalent among the transgenders. Verbal victimization (69.9%), institutional discrimination (32.7%), physical discrimination (33.6%), sexual abuse (33.6%), workplace discrimination (43.4%) and lack of family support (38.1%) were reported in large proportion.


 Levels of psychological stressors and suicidal ideation among transgenders were alarmingly high. The transgender community is socially excluded by the society where they face discriminatory behavior in daily life. Such attitudes make them vulnerable to psychological stress.


Transgenders, suicidal ideation.