Level of Ethical Considerations and Perception Regarding Organ Donation in General Public of Lahore


  • Author- Khansa Ahmed, Yusra Hassan, Usama Ali Qadir, Tayyaba Ayub, Marium Khalid, Saadia Rafique


Objective: this study was done to assess the level of perception regarding donation of organs in general public of Lahore and to evaluate their ethical considerations related to it.


For information gathering from the general public, a cross sectional study was conducted at few readily accessible urban and sub-urban areas of Lahore.Asample of 120, from the targeted population, was generated by using the technique of convenience sampling. A structured, pre-tested questionnaire was used to gather data through one-on-one approach and analysis of the results was done by using one way ANOVAand t-tes.t


 Results suggested an overall low level of awareness among general public (i.e. Mean SD as 1.426 +_0.16957) with males having slightly lesser level of awareness than female respondents. Media was found as the major source of information for the general population to primarily learn about organ transplantation. Kidney was found to be the most frequently donated organ in the view of general public. Moreover, the participants showed a low prevalence (i.e. Mean SD 1.542±0.20068) of standard ethical considerations regarding organ donation. However, majority showed a positive attitude toward promotion of organ donation within the country. Qualification/educational level were found directly associated with improved level of awareness and high ethical perceptions regarding organ donation. Assessing the ethical consideration and level of understanding regarding donation of organs in general population will be helpful in devising ways for the improvement of positive attitude toward transplantation and to meet highest medical and ethical standards regarding it.


 A significant proportion of general public is not well-aware of the medical and legal aspects donating an organ.


Awareness, Ethical Consideration, Donation of organs, General Public