Neonatal Sepsis: Accuracy of Hematological Scoring System for Diagnosing Neonatal Sepsis


  • Author- Fareeha Abbas, Bushra Ahmad, Sadia Shabir, Khawaja Amjad Hassan


Objective: To find the diagnostic accuracy of hematological scoring system in early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis taking blood culture as gold standard.


After IRB approval, this Cross sectional study was done in the Department of Pediatric Medicine, Mayo Hospital/ KEMU Lahore, for 6 months (Apr-Oct 2018). After informed parental consent, information including age, sex and anthropometric data were recorded. The laboratory investigations were sent to laboratory of Mayo Hospital. Complete blood counts including TLC and platelets count were done using Sysmax method. Neonatal sepsis was labeled as positive or negative on hematological score system and blood cultures.


 The mean age of neonates was 14.20 ± 8.09 days. There were 60(60%) male and 40(40%) female babies. Mean weight and length of these babies were 3.05 ± 0.46 kg and 51.49 ± 1.41 cm. A total of 41(41%) babies had neonatal sepsis on hematological score and 38(38%) on blood culture. The Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, Negative Predictive Value and Diagnostic Accuracy was 81.58%, 85.48%, 77.50%, 88.33% and 84.00% respectively.


 Hematological scoring system has high diagnostic accuracy in diagnosing neonatal sepsis at earliest, taking blood culture as gold standard.


Diagnostic accuracy, Hematological scoring, sepsis