Assessment of Clinical Efficacy of Early Use of Remdesivir in ThePatients of COVID-19 Pneumonia


  • Author- Atif Mahmood, Asma Khan, Ayesha Shahbaz, Saira Pervaiz


Objective: Primary objective of the study is to evaluate the clinical efficacy of early use of Remdesivir in reducing the progression and severity of Covid-19 pneumonia.


This retrospective study was undertaken in Pulmonology department, Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore. After taking history and doing physical examination, loading dose of 200mg intravenous Remdesivir was given to the 350 patients of COVID-19 pneumonia followed by 100mg intravenous dose given once a day for five days. During treatment assessment of clinical efficacy of Remdesivir was evaluated along with viral clearance rate and evaluation of side effects of therapy. These were documented on preformed Performa.


 The results showed 99.9% efficacy in patients with Covid-19 pneumonia who were treated with early Remdesivir. Paired sample t-test showed statistical significant results in radiological findings and oxygen saturation pre and post Remdesivir therapy.Almost all the clinical symptoms got relieved after therapy. Drug related side effects were reported in 21 individuals (6%).


 The early introduction of drug Remdesivir to the treatment of Covid-19 PCR positive patients has been suggested as a more efficacious strategy for treating Covid-19 pneumonia.


Remdesivir, Covid-19, anti-viral