Sleep Quality amongst End Stage Renal Disease Patients onHemodialysis


  • Author- Gullali, Najmush Shakireen, Abdul Rehman Arshad


Objective: To determine the sleep quality in hemodialysis dependent patients.


A cross-sectional study on 80 patients was conducted at Dialysis unit of Combined Military Hospital Peshawar from Dec 2021 to January 2022. The PQSI score was calculated by evaluating the previous 1-month sleep behavior of every patient.


 The mean age of patients was 51.31± 13.11years. 57% of the total participants were male. Mean PSQI score was 12.18 with 77.5% having poor quality of sleep. 68% of patients had comorbid conditions other than end-stage renal disease. Majority of the patients were undergoing hemodialysis for more than two years. None of the variable showed significant effect on quality of sleep in our patients.


 Poor sleep quality is prevalent among patients with end-stage renal disease. Factors affecting this behavior needs to be addressed in larger studies.


Hemodialysis, end-stage renal disease, quality of sleep.