Chemical Synthetic Disease Modifying Drugs (csDMARD) Used forRheumatoid Arthritis


  • Author- Asif Hussain, Faisal Akram, Jawaria Avais


: Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common rheumatological disease all over the world. Disease burden, disease-related disability and cost is a significant problem especially for the developing countries. Many advanced and effective treatments including biological drugs are available. However, these biological options are costly and not available in many countries. Hence, traditional disease modifying drugs are still mainstay of treatment for such patients in developing countries. Affordability & availability are major reasons. Physicians managing these cases within limited resources face lot of challenges to control the disease. Junior doctors and trainees often find it hard to understand and prescribe these medications. This review article focuses on the elaboration of these chemical synthetic DMARDs, their pharmacological details, clinical uses and side effects.


csDMARD, Methotrexates, Leflunomide, Hydroxychloroquine, Sulfasalazine