Mean Platelet Volume as a Predictor of Severity of Acute IschaemicStroke Using Modified Rankin Score


  • Author- Nasir Farooq Butt, Rabia Rathore, Hina Latif, Heba-Tul-Noor, Hassan Mehmood, Fawad Ahmad Randhawa


Objective: To determine the association of mean platelet volume in terms of predictor of severity of acute ischemic stroke using Modified Rankin Score (MRS).


: From July 2019 to June 2021, this observational study was carried out at the Mayo Hospital Lahore's Departments of Medicine and Emergency. 225 patients in total were chosen utilizing the non-probability convenient sampling technique. Patients were divided into 2 groups according to their MRS scores (Group A: score 0 to 2, Group B: score 3 or higher). Blood samples were taken in order to test MPV. The MRS was used to determine the severity of an ischemic stroke.


 : Out of 225 patients, 108 were assigned to Group A (MRS 0–2) and 117 to Group B (MRS 3 or higher). The mean±SD of MPV in Group B was 8.55 0.67, while it was 8.37 0.65 in Group A, which was statistically noteworthy (p=0.004). The effect of MPV on ischemic stroke was still statistically significant (OR: 1.579, p=0.3) after risk profiles linked to ischemic stroke were taken into account in the multivariate logistic regression model. The MPV had a significant discriminative value for predicting severe ischemic stroke based on MRS ≥ 3 from a mild stroke incidence (MRS < 3), as evidenced by the area under the ROC curve of 0.592 (95% CI: 0.43-0.6).


 : Mean Platelet volume can be a useful preliminary indicator which can be utilized in primary acute ischemic stroke patients as a marker of severity using Modified Rankin Score.


Mean Platelet Volume, acute ischemic stroke, Modified Rankin Score