Predisposing Factors in Acute Kidney Injury Patients Leading to Hemodialysis


  • Author- Muhammad Saleem, Arsalan Butt, Ahmed Ayaz, Bilal Iqbal, Hasan Raza, Adnan Saifuddin, Ainan Arshad


Objective: To identify the risk variables ofAKI patients needing hemodialysis in a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan.


: A retrospective study of 1100 patients included in the research between January 2017 and December 2018 at Aga Khan University Hospital, of which 347 met the inclusion criteria.


 : According to the study, sepsis - which affects 30% of patients - emerged as the most important risk factor for needing dialysis. Dialysis was necessary for 0.7% of patients with stage 1 AKI, 7.7% of patients with stage 2 AKI, and 14.2% of patients with stage 3AKI.


 : According to the study, sepsis is a key risk factor for AKI requiring hemodialysis, even in cases with less severe form of AKI. These results assist in patient management and follow-up as they highlight the common risk factors that could lead to short and long- term morbidity and mortality of AKI patients. The study also implies that these results might guide focused therapy actions to improve patient outcomes


Acute Kidney Injury, Renal Dialysis, Hemodialysis, Glomerular Function Tests, Nephrotoxic Agents, Chronic Kidney Disease