Prevalence of in Hospital Acute Kidney Injury in Patients Having Admission Hyperuricemia


  • Author- Zuhra Naheed Khan, Saad Muhammad Saeed, Sameed Ullah Qureshi


Objective: To determine the prevalence of acute kidney injury among patients admitted to tertiary-care hospital with hyperuricemia, secondary to any cause.


: This descriptive study was conducted in a tertiary-care hospital from January, 2022 to June, 2023.Atotal of 118 patients were selected by using non-probabilistic consecutive sampling. Patients having admission serum uric acid levels ≥ 7 mg/dl were labeled as having admission-hyperuricemia. Patients developing AKI during hospital stay were diagnosed using KDIGO guidelines as after-mentioned.


 : The prevalence of AKI in patients having hyperuricemia at the time of admission to our hospital was recorded in 25.42%(n=30) whereas 74.58%(n=88) had no findings ofAKI.


 : It has been shown that there is a greater risk of developing AKI in patients who have hyperuricemia upon admission. Nevertheless, it is essential to do multicenter trials in order to authenticate our findings.


Acute kidney injury, hyperuricemia, serum uric acid level, serum creatinine