Risk Assessment of Pakistani Individual for Diabetes (Rapid) in Gujranwala


  • Author- Maqsood Mehmood, Qaisar Mehmood Shiekh, Shakeel Ahmed, Azeem Tahir


Objective: To access the adequacy of hazard evaluation of Pakistani Person for Diabetes in Gujranwala.


: This community based observational multi centered study design was conducted on patients with type 2 diabetes aged more than 20 years. In this study purposive sampling method was used with a sample size of 385 participants. Data was collected on RAPID score sheet and was analysed by SPSS version 20.


 : Of the sample of 385 people, 385 participants completed the survey and it was concluded that 70% of the participants did not know that they had a chronic disease.


 : Simple diabetes risk scores can be used to identify groups at high risk for diabetes and allow for timely intervention. Public awareness programs are needed to educate people about healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk of diabetes.


Unhealthy living, awareness, chronic, physical inactivity