Dilemma of Patients who Attend to Spiritual Healers


  • Author- Muhammad Kashif Munir, Sana Rehman, Asif Hanif


: Gastric cancer which remains the sixth most prevalent cancer affecting millions of people each year around the globe. People find alternative therapies after being diagnosed with certain diseases including spiritual healers. Present case study was of a 49 years old woman diagnosed early with stage 1 of gastric carcinoma, she did not agreed for gastrectomy and started to attend a spiritual healer for treatment. Her disease shifted to stage IV gastric cancer within a year and she is on death bed after having stomach bypass surgery now. Although there are chances of survival for more than five years among patients opted for gastrectomy in an early stage but no data exists in case of spiritual healing. Education and awareness are the basic tools to make the people vigilant about the disease, diagnosis, cure and survival where proper medication can save many lives. There must be a policy to closely monitor the spiritual healers and a record must be established to see the number of patients with different cancers attend them with final outcomes.


Gastric Cancer, Spiritual Healer, Patient's Believe, Diagnosis