Transformative Innovation in Healthcare by Artificial Intelligence: Stay ahead and be part ofTransformative Innovation of AI


  • Author- Suhail Chughtai


: The author explores how artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare across domains like access, quality, telehealth, mobile health, remote monitoring, robotics, training, ethical considerations and more. This article explores how artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare across multiple domains. It highlights the immense potential of AI innovations to augment human clinicians, personalize care to each patient's needs, enhance clinical skills training through immersive simulations, and streamline cumbersome workflows. These breakthroughs are enabled by progress in core AI techniques like machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and generative modelling. TheAuthor expresses his belief that if applied thoughtfully,AI could help improve population health outcomes on a global scale by catching diseases earlier, optimizing treatment plans, expanding access to quality care, and promoting preventative health behaviours. However, effective governance frameworks and ethics policies are critically needed to ensure this transformative technology fulfils its promise equitably and ethically. The article expands on the author's recent talk on the same topic for which a weblink is also provided here: NHS-AI-Webinar-01-CFoNHS