Revolutionising Wound Care Management Through Artificial Intelligence


  • Author- Gulnaz Tariq, Suhail Chughtai


: The management of wounds has been around for a long time. The traditional methods of wound care management were time-consuming, labour-intensive, and not efficient enough to cater to today's fast-moving world's needs. Integrating AI into wound care means greater efficiency, accuracy, and better outcomes. AI is an emerging healthcare technology that provides a unique opportunity to monitor chronic wounds by allowing doctors and nurses to capture high-quality images of wounds while enabling constant feedback to support early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. The computerised insight provided by the integration of AI steers a more personalised healing course, with healing times controlled based on various factors, such as wound type, size, and location. This insight builds into the multiple aspects of Artificial Intelligence that can best be used to track wounds' healing progress, signage of probable issues, and clinical hours spent by caregivers.