Unveiling the Obstacles Encountered by Women Doctors in thePakistani Healthcare System and what are the Initiatives toEncourage the Women to Come Forward in Health Care System


  • Author- Mulazim Hussain Bukhari, Wajiha Rizwan, Salma Kundi


Women continue to be underrepresented in healthcare research, leading to a lack of tailored treatments for women-specific conditions and the potential for misdiagnosis in gender-neutral conditions. Female doctors in Pakistan encounter numerous challenges including gender bias, limited career opportunities, and challenges in maintaining work-life balance, hindering their professional growth and advancement. Initiatives like the Women in Medicine program and advocacy efforts by organizations like the Pakistan MedicalAssociation are crucial in fostering inclusivity and gender equality in the healthcare system. Indigenous research, guided by the 4 Rs framework, Employment opportunities for females should be enhanced, Women friendly workplaces, Laws and protection policies should be implemented and women should be encouraged to report any harassment, honours indigenous knowledge systems and addresses pertinent issues while creating a supportive work environment with flexible hours is vital for encouraging female doctors. Women should not take advantage of being women and should behave professionally. These initiatives are aimed at encouraging more women to participate in and thrive within the healthcare system in Pakistan.


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