Incidence of Culture Proven UTI and Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern among the Adult Population in the Local Area


  • Author- Ammara Asim, Rehman Javed, Aisha Aziz, Asma Kazi, Muhammad Riaz, Murad Ali Khan, Faisal Zarar


Objective: To determine the incidence of culture proven UTI and antimicrobial sensitivity patterns among adult population in local area of Lahore.


In this retrospective study, a total of 287 cases diagnosed with UTI were selected fromArif Memorial Teaching Hospital (AMTH) Lahore. Non probability sampling technique was applied and data was collected through structured questionnaire. Data for the factors associated with UTI was obtained from their respective files from the record room of AMTH.Acomputer software SPSS version 26.0 was used to analyze the data


 Out of 287 sample cultures, 122 samples were positive for different uropathogens. 59.0% showed E. coli strains followed by Staph. Epidermidis (10.7%), Klebsiella (8.2%), Proteus (7.4%), Enterobacter (5.7%), Pseudomonas (4.9%) and StaphAureus (4.1%). In addition, the isolates showed multi-drug resistance.Among 122 patients, 72.1% were females and 28.7% were 27-35 years old. The risk factors among these patients were pregnancy (38.5%), followed by, hypertension (33.6%) and diabetes (27.9%).


 Study concluded that UTIs were more common amongst females. Frequent use of antimicrobials without culture and sensitivities has led to emerging resistance to multiple antimicrobials to a problematic extent. Hence a urine culture and sensitivity should be advised before the initiation of antimicrobial drugs among patients with UTI.


Urinary tract infection, E. coli, drug resistant, antimicrobial sensitivity.