A Case of Suicide attempt with Rat Poisoning presented at THQ Hospital Emergency Room, Sambrial, Sialkot


  • Author- Nauman Rafi Rajpoot, M. Umar Eatsham, Anum Khalid, Mohsan Javed


A female of 31 years old presented at the THQ hospital emergency room. She was exhibiting symptoms of abdominal cramps, sweating, tachycardia, involuntary urination, constricted pupils, muscle weakness, and excessive salivation with a medical history of depression. She was admitted to the hospital for further treatment. Upon getting a history and examining the patient carefully, it was diagnosed that she had taken the rat poison to attempt suicide due to financial conflicts at home, and symptoms were showing organophosphate poisoning. Current studies have shown that suicide attempts in Pakistan are gradually growing, while more common methods of suicide are taking poison, hanging, and using weapons.