Bilateral Rhinosinusitis: The Incidence of Odontogenic Infections


  • Author- Muhammad Iqbal, Sahibzada Fawad Khan, Sohail Khan, Sommaya Hanif, Wasim Ahmad


The present study was designed to evaluate the incidence of odontogenic infections in patients suffering from bilateral rhino sinusitis (paranasal sinuses) referred to allied teaching hospitals of BMC Bannu-KP.


It was a retrospective study that was conducted at ENT departments of Allied teaching hospitals of BMC Bannu-KP from January 2020 to January 2021. A total of 100 patients were enrolled for this study. The patients were enrolled based on their diagnosis of bilateral rhino sinusitis after enough clinical investigations and valid opacification on either side on maxillary sinuses image done by OP(orthopantomography) or CT (computed tomography). In addition to OPand CT, the Odontogenic sinusitis was determined through the examination of EPand oral findings.


  The study was done on 100 patients in which, 60% were male (n=60) whereas 40% were female (n=40). The Odontogenic infections were found to be involved in 28% (n=28) of patients in which, 18 (64.28%) were male with a mean age of 38.56 years and 10 (35.71%) were female patients with a mean age of 47.42 years. Unilateral Odontogenic was found to be involved in 16 patients (57.14%) whereas, bilateral Odontogenic infection was observed in rest of the 12 patients (42.85%). The infection was existed in few patients on both sides of the sinuses. In few patients, mycosis was observed whereas, sinusitis with polyps was also existing in patients with Odontogenic manifestations.


  It is concluded that the diagnosis of patients having sinusitis associated with maxillary sinus opacification should be considered based on the presence of Odontogenic sinusitis on either side along with the presence of nasal polyps.


Odontogenic infection, Unilateral rhinosinusitis, Opacification, Maxillary sinus