Alcohol Intake: A Risk to Develop Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus-Think Before You Drink


  • Author- Sultan Ayub Meo, Anhar Ullah


A toxic substance, alcohol is psychotropic in nature and bears dependence producing propensities. The excessive use of alcohol is a global health concern and the world's leading risk factor for disease and disability. This study aim was to investigate the link between alcohol intake and occurrence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) amongst male and female alcohol users.


In this study 52original studies were recognized using search engines including “Medline”, “Web of Science”, “Pub-Med”, “Scopus”, and“ EMBASE” using various keywords like “alcohol intake” “alcohol consumption” “incidence”, “Diabetes Mellitus” “type-2 Diabetes Mellitus”. Finally, 12 original research articles were included with a total sample size of 182,422, from them 120243 (65.92%) were males and 62179 (34.08%) were females. T2DM pooling incidence was analyzed using random and fixed model effects.


  The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes mellitus among male alcohol users was 7% with 95% confidence interval 5%-11%. However, the prevalence of T2DM among female alcohol users was 6%with 95% confidence interval was 5%-9%. The pooled incidence of T2DM was higher in males compared to females.


  Alcohol intake is a risk to develop T2DM. The findings have a general message for the global health community on the potential harms of alcohol intake on T2DM. A healthy lifestyle pattern could be adopted and alcohol governing policies should be implanted. Health educational awareness programs should be introduced to highlight the hazardous effects of alcohol and its association with T2DM. Alcohol users must think before to drink.


Alcohol, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Prevalence.