Association of Hyponatremia with in-Hospital Motality Among Patients Hospitalized With Stroke


  • Author- Hafiz Muhammad Kashif, Tariq Suleman, Muhammad Naeem Afzal, Tabish Raza


Stroke is the third commonest cause of death. Hyponatremia is most frequently encountered electrolyte disturbance and is associated with increased mortality and morbidity in various diseases.


One hundred and fifty (75 in each group) patients who fulfilled inclusion criteria were enrolled after written informed consent. Sodium levels was measured on admission and patients were divided in two groups i.e., hyponatremic group comprising of Na <135 mEq/L and control group with normal sodium levels. All the patients were followed for the in hospital mortality.


  The mean age of patients was 63.50 +5.78 with a median of 40 and a mode 42. Most of the patients (53.3%) were above 60 years old and females (54.6%).Among 75 patients who had hyponatremia, 41 patients died in hospital while 34 were discharged from hospital. Among control group, 20 patients died while 55 were discharged from hospital (RR=2.05, P=0.001). This showed that there is strong association between hyponatremia and in-hospital mortality.


  Hyponatremia is strongly associated with in-hospital patients’ mortality in patients of stroke.


Hyponatremia, In-patient Mortality, Stroke.