The Prevalance of Anxiety Among Health Care Population Working in Covid-19 Isloation Wards in the Capital of Pakistan


  • Author- Nasim Akhtar, Ayesha Jawad, Hassan Ur Rehma, Sadia Ashraf, Palwasha Rehman


To Assess the Prevalence of Anxiety Among Health Care Population working in Covid-19 Isolation Wards in the Capital of Pakistan


Cross-sectional study conducted using snow-ball sampling technique. Questionnaire constructed in google forms was distributed via social media among the isolation ward staff. Data was collected from 7th April 2020 (1700 hrs. PST) till 27th April 2020 (1330 hrs. PST). Anxiety level was assessed using Beck Anxiety Inventory. Data was analysed in SPSS. Chi-square test was applied for relation between anxiety level and various variables. P value <0.05 was considered as significant.


  Severe anxiety was seen among females (n=6) as compared to the men (n=1). no specific gender relation was observed p value > 0.05. insignificant relation was seen between the health care professional's anxiety level (p value >0.05). Anxiety level compared among individuals with co-morbids was also not significant p value > 0.05.


  Mild anxiety was seen which was conspicuous among female healthcare workers. Regular Interval, larger scale studies should be conducted to evaluate mental health of hospital staff to timely diagnose and treat disorders due to stress in such pandemics to prevent psychiatric illness.


Infectious Diseases, psychiatry, covid-19, generalized anxiety disorder, professional well-being, global health